May 2015 Birchbox Canada

Ahoy hoy,

My May Birchbox arrived today and I have to say that I’m pleased. The box was curated by Emily from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere in promotion of her new book, and it actually contains product samples that I will get use out of! Huzzah! The downside: I got a repeat (of a not so great) product.


100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish in Aberdeen
What: A smooth polish coloured with fruit and veggie dyes- and made with all-natural ingredients
How: Start with a base coat, brush on two layers of polish, and finish with a top coat
Full size: $16
Initial thoughts: Nail polish is beauty box subscription gold in my books. I have been wanting to try a nude coloured nail polish, so I’m really looking forward to testing out this all-natural polish.

Not Soap, Radio Joy Inducing Body Wash
What: This lemon-scented cleanser will brighten your outlook while you later. Paraben-free!
How: Massage onto damp skin then rinse away, or add a dollop to your bath
Full size: $20 for 13.61 fl. oz./402.5 ml
Sample size: $2.20 for 1.5 fl. oz./44 ml
Initial thoughts: I’m not usually into citrus scents, but this smells yummy. I’m not a bath person, but I will happily use this as a shower gel.

Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray
What: Earth-friendly, botanical-rich spray that gives you flexible hold and nourishes strands
How: Spritz daily to keep final style in place, or apply during styling for texture
Full size: $34 for 200ml
Sample size: $5.10 for 30ml
Initial thoughts: I don’t really use a lot of hair products, but this might be nice to have in case of a hair emergency. I like that it is non-aerosol and that it is earth-friendly .

W3LL PEOPLE The Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara
What: All-natural, pro-grade mascara that lifts and lengthens lashes without chemicals or dyes
How: Gently wiggle the wand back and forth from the roots to the tips of lashes
Full size: $27 for 0.23 oz
Sample size: The size of the sample is not listed, but the sample seems to be about half the size of a regular tube of mascara. So, my estimate is roughly $13.50
Initial thoughts: More subscription box gold. In my world, there is no such thing as too much black mascara and I’m jazzed to try this out.

may mascara

Duplicate Product from my March 2015 Birchbox: Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge

Overall, I’m happy with my box. I am super excited to use the mascara and nail polish. I will give the body wash and hair spray a whirl, and the repeat lip product has already found a home with my mom. What do you think of the products I received in my May 2015 box? What did you get in your box this month?

xo Tasha

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