April 2015 Birchbox Canada

Ahoy hoy,

Time for another Birchbox unboxing! I feel like I’m on a birchbox roller coaster; I alternate between loving and hating my boxes. I was so happy with my box last month, and now I’m back to being disappointed. I don’t like a single thing in my box this month, which makes me very sad. I got my box in the mail about two weeks ago and have put off writing this because I didn’t want to sound like a huge negative nelly. I thought my disappointment would subside, but I’m just seriously unimpressed, so here it is:

birchbox april 2015


BeeKind Shower Gel
What: Made with honey and calendula, this rich foaming cleanser hydrates and moisturizes skin
How: Squeeze a generous dollop of cleanser onto a loofah or sponge. Lather and rinse
Full size: $19 for 8 oz
Sample size: $2.41 for 30ml
Initial thoughts: This body wash smells like fresh cut grass and lemons, which I do not enjoy at all. If you enjoy fresh scents, you may like this, but it is definitely not for me.

Lulu Organics Lavender and Clary Sage Hair Powder
What: Natural talc-free cleanser that absorbs oil and leaves behind a lovely lavender-sage scent
How: Use fingertips to work a small amount into hair toots. Brush through to distribute powder
Full size: $36 for 4 oz
Sample size: $3.15 for 10 gr (5 gr x2)
Initial thoughts: Dry shampoo in a loose powder form sounds like a messy nightmare. Also, the lavender-sage scent sounds horrible; I don’t want my hair to smell like old lady.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter
What: This weightless gel formula gives skin a subtle, pearlescent shimmer
How: Dab onto cheekbones and brow bones- then glow get ’em
Full size: $16.50 for 4ml
Sample size: full size
Initial thoughts: I don’t hate this product, but it just isn’t for me. I have fair skin and feel like this would be too dark for me and I also prefer a matte complexion to a shimmery face.

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil
What: A high-gloss, semisheer lip colour that’s perfect for spring. Bonus: It smells minty fresh! 
How: Wear solo for a soft wash of colour or layer it over your favourite lipstick
Full size: $25 for 0.1 oz
Sample size: $17.50 for 0.07 oz
Initial thoughts: Minty smelling purple lip gloss: no thank you. The packaging came with purple smears all over it. Honestly, this product reminds me of children’s play make up.

Temple Spa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm
What: Part skincare, part aromatherapy, this lush cream nourishes the skin and calms the mind
How: Smooth this botanical-based formula onto body, face, or hands, and enjoy the soothing scent
Full size: $29 for 150 ml
Sample size: $4.83 for 25 ml
Initial thoughts: The theme of this Birchbox should be offensive smells. I really dislike the scent of this lotion, and the quick whiff I took of this product gave me an instant headache.

My 6 month gift subscription to Birchbox will end next month. I was contemplating signing up for more boxes once my subscription ends, but I think I might sign up for IPSY instead. I feel like Birchbox is too unpredictable and I’m disappointed more often then I’m impressed. Should I stick with Birchbox or make the switch to IPSY? Let me know your thoughts on which box you think I should go with and what you think about what I got in my April box.

xoxo Tasha

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