Gift guide: Random

Ahoy hoy, Here are some more holiday gift ideas. I kinda just lumped these together as “random” because to be honest they are quite random. I think most of these would make great stocking suffers or are good ideas for … Continue reading

Gift Guide: Men

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Ahoy hoy, Today’s gift guide is geared towards men. I purchased these for my husband (he actually picked these out himself), but they would also work for boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sons, friends etc.   Obviously, these gifts could also work … Continue reading

Gift Guide: Kittens and Cats

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Ahoy Hoy! Today’s gift guide is for my furry family members: cats! My kittens are super spoiled and already have a ton of treats and toys, but I figured I had to get them something for the holidays. My husband … Continue reading

Gift Guide: Beauty & Skincare

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Ahoy Hoy! I am very excited that the holidays are approaching. I love most things that come with the holiday season: hot chocolate, baking, turkey dinner and shopping! I don’t like the cold and all of the crowds, but it … Continue reading