Surprise: Maternity Clothing Haul!

Ahoy hoy!

Happy February! I have some very exciting news on this very snowy day: I am 14 weeks pregnant. To be honest, I have not really enjoyed the pregnancy experience so far: I suffer from morning all day sickness, fatigue, my limbs are always numb and falling asleep, and I’ve been sleeping terribly. However, I am beyond excited to get to meet the baby in the summer, so I guess it will all be worth it. To cope with my pregnancy blues, I indulged in some retail therapy! I don’t know if I’m having a girl or boy until March, so I haven’t purchased anything for baby, but I did some shopping for mama. My mom was very kind and purchased all of the stuff from Thyme Maternity for me. Although I am only 14 weeks along and my bump is still small, I have started to slowly incorporate some of the maternity clothes into my wardrobe, although I am still wearing my regular clothes most of the time. I purchased mostly spring/summer items because my winter clothing is still fitting, but I’ll definitely be getting bigger and will need new stuff come spring.  Black dresses are clearly a maternity staple in my eyes. I figured loose and flow-y dresses will be the most comfortable for me in the warmer months, black goes with everything, and hopefully black will have a slimming effect on my growing belly. I have listed links, prices and a short description of all of the items below!


Outfit 1
Top: H&M Polka Dot Top $15
I purchased this on clearance a few weeks ago, and couldn’t find it online. I did find a similar style top (with stripes instead of polka dots) that is currently available online here for $39.95.
Bottom: H&M Mama Super Skinny Jeans $34.95
These jeans have a super stretchy (comfy) full panel band and are a slim fit. They only have functional back pockets. These are really comfy, but I find that they wiggle down and get a bit saggy in the bum when I’m wearing them, but I figure this problem will solve itself as my bump grows. Folding down the panel half way helps keep them up.

Outfit 2
Top: ASOS New Look Maternity Waisted Blouse- $38.33
I love the shape of this top: it is flow-y and has super cute fluttery sleeves. I was confused when purchasing this item online because it is listed as purple, but was shown as more of a raspberry reddish/pink colour in the picture. It turned out that the “purple” was the raspberry colour featured in the picture, which is quite beautiful.
Bottom: H&M Mama Leggings– $12.95
Full panel, stretchy, black leggings. A comfortable wardrobe staple- enough said.

Outfit 3
Top: ASOS Maternity Contrast Collar Top- $20.24
I love, love, love this top. It is so stinking cute. It is a comfy, loose fitting black tee with a white peter pan collar.
Bottom: Thyme Maternity Jegging  $69
These jeggings are a beautiful dark wash, have a stretchy full panel band and are nice and slim. These have tiny front pockets and full size back pockets. I find these also have the same same wiggle problem as the H&M maternity jeans from outfit 1, but folding them down does help.

Outfit 4
Top: ASOS Maternity Top With Wrap Back- $25.57
This top looked super cute online, but I am a little disappointed with it. It is surprisingly tricky to get on, and I find it kinda shabby looking. The cross back looks sloppy and is really low, so my bra always shows. Perhaps when my belly gets bigger, it will look cuter.
Bottom: Same jeggings as outfit 3

Outfit 5
ASOS  New Look Maternity Wrap Maxi Dress- $29.83
I love this dress, but it is on the small side in the chest. To be fair, I have a large chest, but I was hoping a maternity dress would give me some extra space up there. I am a little worried that it will not fit in the chest if my chest does get larger as my pregnancy progresses. For now, I really like it and find it quite flattering and think a cami will help me cover up and can even make this work appropriate.

Outfit 6
ASOS Maternity Exclusive Grecian Midi Dress- $27.70
This dress is easy and breezy. It has a v-neck, short sleeves and goes just past the knees. This will be perfect to wear to work once it starts getting warmer and will even be nice to lounge around in. I don’t feel constricted at all when wearing this dress and love that it is super comfy.

Outfit 7
ASOS Maternity Skater Dress With Slash Neck And Short Sleeves In Longer Length- $25.57
This dress is more tight fitting at the top in comparison to the Grecian midi dress (outfit 6), but is still stretchy and comfortable. The skirt hits just at the knee, still making this dress work appropriate. I think this dress will look really nice paired with a belt.

Outfit 8
This dress was purchased from Thyme Maternity and was on clearance at the time. I cannot find it, or something similar available on their website at this time–sorry.

I also got some really nice, plain stretchy black and grey v-neck t-shirts and boxer shorts from Thyme Maternity, which I forgot to photograph. Both items are great basics and are really comfortable.

Please let me know what your maternity wardrobe staples are/were in the comment section below. Also, if you would like some pregnancy updates and/or more baby related hauls please let me know in the comment section below.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!
xo Tasha





One thought on “Surprise: Maternity Clothing Haul!

  1. Awww Tash, all of the outfits are soo you and totally cute! Wishing you all the best for the months ahead during your pregnancy. Can’t wait to meet your little one once he/she arrives! xo Aarti

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