Gift Guide: Men

Ahoy hoy,

Today’s gift guide is geared towards men. I purchased these for my husband (he actually picked these out himself), but they would also work for boyfriends, brothers, fathers, sons, friends etc.   Obviously, these gifts could also work for women, depending on their interests.


Marvel Year by Year A Visual Chronicle– This large book outlines the evolution of Marvel Comics from its beginnings to today, including all of Marvel’s publishing landmarks, displayed clearly on a month-by-month timeline. It highlights the debuts of key characters, and is packed with original comic book art. This book is perfect for the comic book lover in your life. I purchased mine at Costco for $28.99. If you do not have a Costco membership, or prefer shopping online, I found it on Chapters and Amazon for $31.35.

Batman A Visual History- Every 2 pages covers one year in Batman’s history (1939-2014). It’s full of colorful pictures and past book covers throughout. It is only about the comic book history of Batman, so TV and film is barely covered. Again, I purchased mine at Costco for $28.99, but it can also be found at Chapters and Amazon for $32.60.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015 Calendar– My husband gets a Sports Illustrated Calendar every year. This gift would be the perfect addition to a man cave, garage, or dorm room. I don`t remember where I purchased mine from, but they are easy to come across and are sold anywhere with calendars: Amazon, HMV, and to name a few.

Firm Grip Professional Safety Gloves- I purchased these at Home Depot for $16.99. My husband wanted them for working on the car and with tools. These are a good gift for anybody who is handy. I typed the item number in on the home depot website, and although the colours and price are different, they are apparently the same gloves.

I know my husband reads my blog, so I don’t want to divulge all of his gifts.  Some other vague gift suggestions are dvds, video games, cds, beer/alcohol, and sports equipment.

What are you purchasing for the men in your life this holiday season? Please leave me a comment below with your gift ideas for men!


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