Gift Guide: Kittens and Cats

Ahoy Hoy!

Today’s gift guide is for my furry family members: cats!

cat gifts collage

My kittens are super spoiled and already have a ton of treats and toys, but I figured I had to get them something for the holidays. My husband and I picked out a few small toys for them on our last trip to PetSmart. Dorian was nosy and wouldn’t let me take a picture of his gifts without sticking his nose in it.

National Geographic Cat Nip Mice– $6.99 My kittens love feathers and are finally getting old enough to have some catnip, so this will be an extra special treat for them.

Great Choice Pom Pom Balls– $2.27 Dorian has a gold fluffy ball that he absolutely loves. It is his favourite toy and he loves playing with it and carrying it around in his mouth. They didn’t have any exactly the same as his beloved ball, but these were the closest thing that I could find. My husband actually asked an employee if they had more manly colours, but they did not. I don’t think Dorian or Gandalf will mind pink or purple though.

dorian and gold ball

Dorian and his gold fluffy ball

Great Choice Ball with Feather- I couldn’t find this on the website and I don’t remember how much it was. I want to say it was around $3.99 or $4.99. Again, my kittens love feathers and chasing balls, so I think these will be  hit.

Whisker City Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy– $16.99 This was my husbands idea. My kittens already have a turbo scratcher that they don’t use very often. Gandalf likes to sit/ sleep on it, and occasionally they enjoy chasing the ball around. Neither of them scratches the cardboard part. He figured they would play with it more if they each had one. Hopefully, they will use it.

Great Choice Crinkle Ball Cat Toy– $0.99 I figured the cats would like the shine and noise and would have fun chasing this ball around.

Bowties- $24.50 I purchased my kittens collars with detachable bow ties when I first got them and they always get compliments. I purchased them from an ETSY shop and they are wonderful quality and are super cute. These would make a great gift if your kitten or cat are in need of a new collar.

Are you buying your pets any gifts for the holidays? If you have any recommendations of great kitten/cat gifts please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week,

xo Tash


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