Kittens and hanging pictures!

Ahoy Hoy!

I can’t believe that fall is here. I love fall: white hot chocolate, sweaters, and beautiful leaves make me happy. My husband and I moved into our first house at the end of September and it is finally coming together and not looking like a complete disaster. The commute to work is horrible, but I love the house and area that I’m in. I’m hoping that my transfer request to a closer work location will go through soon, because a 1-2 hour drive (one way) is ridiculous and is making me exhausted. Anyway, I have some more exciting news: my husband and I rescued 2 kittens from the Grand River All Breed Rescue. I am totally obsessed with my new adorable fur ball friends. My husband named his kitten Gandalf the Grey and I named my kitten Dorian Gray. We clearly are huge nerds.





I just wanted to share a very quick DIY project that I did today. I wanted an easy way to display photographs in my office that could easily be changed out. I purchased silver metallic canvas cord from Michaels. Any type of string or ribbon will work, I just chose this because I liked that it was metallic.  I measured the canvas cord out to the size that I wanted and cut the cord. I tied the ends of the cord to push pins, which I used to fasten the cord to the wall. After that I simply used some cute clothes pins that I also purchased from Michaels to hang some pictures from the cord. It was a really quick, easy and inexpensive project and I love that it will be so simple to add and switch out new pictures. It can also be used to hang cards or other mementos as well. I’m thinking that I might add a second row so I can hang more.


I hope that everyone is enjoying the fall weather! It finally isn’t raining today! Woohoo

xoxo Tash


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