Ahoy hoy!

I finally got my paws on most of the 2014 limited edition piCture pOlish collection. The only one I’m missing is Borealis. I put all of the polishes into my shopping cart on (I recieved an e-mail that they were going to be back in stock and sat around waiting and refreshing my browser like a weirdo) and went to check out and it was sold out within 1 minute.  I’m very disappointed and hope that Borealis comes back in stock soon.

So far, I’ve tried out 4 of the 5 polishes from the collection and I ‘m really happy that I purchased them.  I was going to do a post on all of them, but decided that each colour deserves a little spotlight and a post of its own. Make sure to check back to see swatches and reviews for the other colours in the collection.


 Today, I am going to talk about Aurora. In the bottles, the colours almost look identical. My mom thought I went crazy and bought multiples of the same colour. Anyway, for some reason I was drawn to Aurora first (perhaps it was the name) and it did not disappoint.

NailpolishCanada Description: Aurora is a multi-coloured blue/green/pink/purple glitter shade. $16.50 CAD.

My description: Light shifting purple and green multi-chrome with stunning tiny shimmer particles. In bright light, the polish looks purple and in dimmer light, it looks green. I love when I get both purple and green at the same time because it reminds me of a peacock. That probably sounds weird, but in the right lighting and angle the green and purple together is really breathtaking. There are some pink and blue tiny shimmer particles in the nail polish that add extra dimension.

This polish is meant to be worn over a black polish for the full effect. I painted one thick coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Black Out on my nails. I let that dry for about 5 minutes. I painted 1 regular coat of Aurora over the black and finished off with my Seche Vite top coat.

Side note: Seche Vite  fast dry top coat is new to my nail polish collection and I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without it. It is truly LEGEN (wait for it) DARY!

Back to Aurora! This colour is beautiful and applies smoothly. There is no texture or bumps and the shimmer particles lay flat against the nail.  Only 1 coat is needed over the black base to get the full effect. My only complaint was that I got a small chip on day 2 or 3 of wearing this. I’m not sure if that is due to the black polish, Aurora, the top coat or a combination. This polish is quite easy to take off with a cotton pad and nail polish remover. I got a bunch of compliments on my nail polish and I would definitely recommend this polish even though it is expensive. I think the amazing light shifting dual colour makes this polish worth the price.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

xo Tasha

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