Essie: Lots of Luxe & On a Silver Platter

Ahoy hoy!

Sometime in January, I was sick with bronchitis and NEEDED to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. The purpose of the trip was to get Buckley’s throat lozenges. I saw a commercial for them on TV and was immediately sucked in. I have bad asthma and get chronic bronchitis every winter and was armed with Strepsils, Halls, Cepacol and some other no name lozenges, but those weren’t going to cut it.  I promised my husband that we would be quick and just get the Buckley’s lozenges (if they taste terrible they must work! right?), but something sparkly caught my eye in the nail polish section. I ended up purchasing Lots of Lux and On a Silver Platter which are both from Essie‘s Encrusted Treasures (Holiday 2013) collection.

essie collage

lots of lux

Essie’s description: Pile on the opulence and perfect the art of maximalism with this magnificent, shimmering lapis lazuli blue nail lacquer with a super fine matte finish.
My description: A beautiful medium blue textured polish with aqua sparkles.
The Verdict: This polish is okay. The texture totally threw me off when I first applied the polish. I had no idea it was textured and thought it was just blue polish with a lot of shimmer and sparkle. The texture feels gritty, like sand and is actually pretty cool once you get used to it. You can wear 1 thick coat of this polish or 2 thinner coats to get a really gritty texture. I have tried this polish with a top coat and without a top coat. Wearing a  top coat takes away from the matte finish and the gritty texture of the polish. The reason why I say this polish is only okay, is that it loves to chip. With or without a top coat, this polish lasts 2 days max.

on a silver platter

Essie’s description: Violet holographic glitter and antique silver add bold contrast to this pearlescent gold nail color that proclaims: the world is yours for the taking.
My description:  A shimmery silver/gold base with vibrant  blue hex glitters.
The Verdict: This polish is very sparkly, and is smooth to the touch. I’ve worn it as an accent nail a few times and really love the colour.  This polish can be used over top another colour, or can be worn on its own and is opaque after 2 thick coats. I prefer this to lots of lux, because it has much better staying power. It doesn’t chip until 4-5 days of wear.

I hope that everyone has a good week!

xo Tasha

p.s. I highly recommend the bite-me-cherry Buckley’s lozenges. The cherry doesn’t taste as horrible as the menthol, and they work wonders.

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