March Favourites!

Ahoy hoy!

Happy April! I’m glad that it is finally starting to warm up. I was stubborn and wore flats today even though it was only 5 degrees celcius. I’m so over boots and winter jackets.  Is it too much to want to wear flats and a light jacket?

march favourites

Anyway, here are my most loved products for the month March:

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: I purchased this palette in the beginning of February and played around with it a few times and fell in love. I had gone to Sephora to purchase the Naked 3 palette, but decided on the Naked 2 instead because I felt that the colours suit my skin tone better. I’m so happy I went with the Naked 2 and have worn it practically every day during the month of March. I usually keep my make up quite simple, with just some liquid black liner on my upper lid and black mascara, but adding eye shadow has really helped make my eyes pop.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: This isn’t just a monthly favourite, but more of an all time favourite. I must have at least 10 of these scattered around the apartment, my purse and even in my desk at work. It has a bit of a medicinal smell to it and has a cooling mint tingle when applied that initially turned me off, but this product is amazing at keeping my very dry lips smooth and not cracked. If you have chapped lips, I highly recommend this product.

White Chocolate Carrot Cake M&Ms:  These taste like carrot cake with frosting! I saw them at Walmart in the Easter section and picked them up on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. I love white chocolate (not a very big fan of milk or dark chocolate) and carrot cake, so these M&Ms are the perfect treat for me. This is my third bag, so I warn you that they can be addicting. My only complaint is that the bag cost $5.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy: I purchased this in the colour 06 Luscious Cherry to wear on my wedding day. I very rarely wear lipstick or lip gloss and always stick to lip balm, so I wanted something that would give my lips a little bit of colour without being overwhelming. I really love this product because it makes my lips look fuller and gives them a pinkish-red tint without drawing too much attention to them. I’ve been stepping out of my lip balm only zone in the month of March and have worn this product a few times to work and to go out and haven’t felt self-conscious about it. The colour lasts a while without having to touch-up and the absolute best part about it is that it smells like fresh mango. $39 is a lot of money to spend on a sheer lip colour, but it looked lovely in all of my wedding photographs and I’m happy to have it in my collection.

Vaseline: I have oily skin and oily hair, but I have seriously dry lips. I love this convenience size tube of Vaseline because it helps me moisturize my lips and keep my hands clean. I unscrew the lid, give the tube a little squeeze and apply directly to my lips. I don’t get Vaseline all over my fingers! YAY! I hate the Vaseline that comes in a  jar because you have to stick your fingers in it to get the product, which is kinda icky, and then you have product all over your fingers, which is a pain to wash off.  Before bed, I slather this on my lips and it helps moisturize them and keep them from cracking over night.

Cosmos nail polish: I love this nail polish by the brand piCture pOlish. It is the most gorgeous colour ever. I wrote an entire post about it!

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel: My sister is an esthetician, so I usually use professional skin products from her spa. I purchased this face wash as a part of a 20th Anniversary set from Sephora ($35 for 8.5 oz  + bonus products) in September to switch things up. I used it a few times, but went back to my regular face wash. I ran out of my regular face wash in February and of course it is on back order, so I’ve been using this product. My sister called yesterday to tell me that she got my regular face wash back in stock and that she would get some for me, but I declined. I really enjoy this face wash and the results are wonderful. My skin has been looking wonderful since making the switch: I have a lot less break outs and my skin is a lot less oily (it has actually been a bit on the dry side lately).  I would definitely recommend this product to somebody with acne prone and oily skin like me. I’m not sure it would be the best fit for somebody who has naturally dry skin.

Here is what Sephora has to say about the product: Oil-free, anti-wrinkle technology helps to clarify and brighten with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, extracts of peach, white oak bark, lemon, lime, linden, grapefruit, and arginine. An advanced deep pore resurfacing action supports natural cell turnover to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It helps to effectively detoxify the pores, dissolve makeup, emulsify oil, and improve skin texture as it gently sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities that can make the complexion appear dull. Ideal for all skin types except sensitive skin, including dry, sun damaged, normal, combination, oily, and acne prone skin, this gel produces an ultraclean, refined, and revitalized complexion.

I’m almost 27, so anti-wrinkle technology sounds awesome to me. I don’t really have a lot of wrinkles or fine lines, so I can’t really say if it helps to diminish them or not. I like this product and would recommend it because it helps keep the break outs away, it lathers up nicely, it doesn’t make my face feel like it has a film any residue on it after I wash it off, and it smells like peaches!

Batiste Dry Shampoo- Dark & deep brown:  I usually wash my hair everyday. If I skip a day of hair washing this product is an absolute necessity. I spray some of this on my roots and massage with my fingers and *poof* all of the oil is gone. I love that this dry shampoo is a dark colour, because it blends in nicely with my hair. I’ve used the original Batiste, and the white powder can make your hair colour look off no matter how little you use/ how good you rub it it. I also hate the floral scent the original Batiste has. I’m not crazy about the scent for the dark & deep brown, but I don’t hate it.  I used this product a lot in March, not only for oil control, but to give clean hair some much needed oomph. Massaging a tiny spritz of this into my roots helps give my flat hair volume.


Please let me know what some of your favourite products were for the month of March in the comments section down below.

Have a great weekend!
xo Tasha

 P.S. Please excuse the picture quality. I got a new camera and I’m not familiar with it yet. Also, my apartment is tiny and there is literally no where to take a decent photo. The lighting in my apartment sucks. I’m going to have to start getting creative.

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