NailPolishCanada Order

Ahoy Hoy!

I got a package in the mail today! I love getting packages in the mail, because it always brightens up my day.


I placed a small order on on Monday August 19th at about 11pm and it arrived  Wednesday August 21 around 11:30am! I am seriously impressed at how quickly they shipped my order to me.  This is the second time I’ve placed an order with NailPolishCanada and I would definitely recommend ordering from them. They e-mail periodically about best sellers & sales, they have a great selection of beautiful polishes and they have fast shipping. I will warn you that you will want to buy a lot and you will need to use a lot of self constraint if you are on a budget. I added some of the Essie polishes from the new fall collection into my basket a few times, but I removed them and didn’t buy too much this time 🙂
I was going to wait until Nail Friday to upload this post, but I’m too excited to wait.  I will have another nail related post up on Friday, so consider this a bonus.

dotter collage

I purchased the Daniel Stone 5 piece (10 dot size) nail dotters. I got a really nice nail dotter and nail art brush from Sephora recently, but somehow I lost the set 😦
I decided to replace it with this set because it is less expensive and has a range of dot sizes to choose from. I got the set for $9.95  (regular price is $20) and it shipped for free with no minimum purchase. The $9.95 and free shipping offer  is still available, so I suggest checking it out if you are in the market for nail dotting tools.  I used Frostbite by China Glaze to test the dotters on paper to show the size each dotter makes. So far, my only complaint is that the bottom of dotter #3 had some rust on it.

princess tears collage

I also purchased a nail polish called Princess Tears by A England. The polish is pricey at $13.50, but I love the colour. I have one holographic nail polish in my collection by the brand Layla and it is extremely disappointing.  I am hoping that this holographic nail polish will not disappoint. I will do a proper review of this nail polish in an upcoming Nail Friday post.

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