Nail Friday: Unicorn

Ahoy Hoy!

Welcome back to Nail Friday. This week I had to talk about the queen of all sparkles: UNICORN. If you’re like me and love sparkles, glitter and anything shiny, this is the polish for you!

unicorn collage

I purchased Unicorn at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago when they had a 2 for $8 sale on nail polish. I was so excited about this nail polish that as soon as I got to my boyfriend’s apartment after our shopping adventure I had to immediately paint this over the colour I had on my nails.

This polish contains different size pastel coloured pieces of glitter in a clear base. It is so beautiful and looks shimmery and iridescent in the right lighting.

Ribbet unicorn collage

In the photo on the left: I placed 2 coats of Unicorn over the colour White On by Sally Hasnsen (the triangle accents are Essie’s Aruba Blue).
On the right: I placed 2 coats of Unicorn over Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos.

My only complaint is that the polish looks and feels thick on the nail. Gloopy is the only word I can think of to describe it, I know gloopy isn’t a real word, but it will have to do.  So, although this polish is thick and takes a while to dry,  I think the loveliness of the shimmer makes up for that. I recommend this nail polish to anybody who has a special place for sparkles, shimmer and glitter in their hearts.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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