Nail Friday: Mystic

Ahoy hoy!

I have been loving the polishes I  recently got on sale at Urban Outfitters. I am pleasantly surprised at how nice they are. Last week, I posted a rave about Bohemian Summer, and today I am going to post about Mystic.


Mystic is a gorgeous navy blue polish with flakes of red glitter. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a link to this polish on the Urban Outfitters website. Although, I did find a plethora of polish on the website that I want to add to my collection. Anyway, I purchased this polish in store (the Urban Outfitters across the street from the Eaton Centre) about 2 weeks ago for $4, so it may still be available in store depending on your location.


The formula of this polish was very smooth and was completely opaque after only 2 coats. The flakes of glitter were smooth and did not stick up or cause any bumps or lumps on the nail. Lumpy/bumpy nails are a serious pet peeve of mine.

Indoors, the polish looks like a navy blue with a hint of sparkle, but outdoors in the sunlight the red glitter really stands out and looks amazing. The picture I took of this polish on my nails really does not do it justice. The pictures of the bottle of the nail polish show a more true colour representation. When I was wearing this polish I couldn’t help but look at my nails when I was outdoors because it was so beautiful.  This polish chipped on day 4 of wear, which is pretty good for me.

So far, I am really enjoying “Nail Friday”! Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for upcoming “Nail Friday” posts.  I would be happy to swatch and review any of the polishes from my growing collection, or let me know if there is anything new and exciting in the world of nail polish that you want me to try out!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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