Minion Cupcakes

Ahoy hoy!

A few weeks ago I made really cute cupcakes inspired by the Despicable Me minions to celebrate a friends birthday. Her nick name is minion; not really sure how that came about, but the cupcakes were a big hit!   They were delicious and very easy to make.


(from left to right)

-Cupcake liners
-Betty Crocker SuperMoist Rainbow Bit cake mix
-CakeMate Chocolate Decors
-Wilton Sparkle Gel in Black
-Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe French Vanilla Frosting
-Wilton White Cookie Icing

How to Start:

Gather all of your ingredients. Bake your cupcakes (you can used a boxed mix like I did, or bake cupcakes from scratch) and let them cool.


How to decorate:

1. Unwrap a Twinkie and cut it in half. You will use half a Twinkie to make one minion.
2. Cut a mini marshmallow in half to make eyes. Dot Wilton Sparkle Gel in black on the marshmallow halves to make eyes.
3. Place 1 or 2 dots (depending on if you have a minion with 1 or 2 eyes) of Wilton White Cookie Icing on the Twinkie where you want the eye(s) to go.
4. Place your marshmallows on the white cookie icing, it will act as a glue.
5. Draw  a smile, or any facial expression on your minion using the black Wilton Sparkle Gel.
6. Stick the CakeMate chocolate decors (essentially brown jimmies) on top of your minions head to create hair.
7. Spread your frosting on your cupcake and place your minion on top. Hold for 5-10 seconds, so it remains in place.

Tip: Don’t make all of your minions look the same, that’s boring!  Give some of them 2 eyes, and some 1. Give some of them a lot of hair and others just a few. Remember to use a lot of different facial expressions, the sillier the better!


Army of Minions!

I love cupcakes, but adding Twinkies to the mix makes them even better. My inner fat kid seriously loves these. I made these cupcakes really quickly, with the help of my boyfriend because I only had 2 hours to bake, let cool, and decorate the cupcakes between work and the party. If I were to make them again, I would make a few changes. I would use blue cupcake liners and possibly blue frosting to look the the minion’s overalls. If I wanted to go all out I would draw or cut and paste the G logo on the minions overalls onto the cupcake liners. If I had more time I would have used the Wilton Sparkle Gel to outline the marshmallow eyes to look like the minion’s goggles.


I really hope you like these cupcakes. As I said earlier, they are easy to make and really delicious. Please feel free to like, share, or comment down below.  If you re-create these please send me a picture or a link in the comment section or at because I would love to see them!

Have a wonderful day!

Tash 🙂


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