Ciaté- Mini Mani Month

Yesterday, I uploaded a post about my new nail polish rack and my nail polish collection. Seeing as I’m a nail polish hoarder, my new rack does not have enough space on it for my Ciaté- Mini Mani Month calendar polishes. 😦  So, I’m doing a separate post about them. I received mine as an early Christmas gift, and used it as an advent calendar: I opened one nail polish each day of the month leading up to Christmas. It was really exciting  to get a new nail polish everyday. Obviously, this set does not have to be used as an advent calendar and can be used any time of the year. I think it would make a fabulous birthday or graduation gift. There are a wide variety of colours, the formulation is smooth and opaque after 2 coats and the caviar pearls are easy to use and look really cool.


Below are pictures of all of the colours in the set, going from box 1 through to 24 (starting left to right).


1. Cupcake queen
2. Dangerous Affair
3. Halo
4. Prom queen (caviar pearls)
5. Cabaret
6. Angel wings


7. Cutie pie
8. Vintage
9. Mistress
10. Ladylike Luxe
11. Bumble bee (caviar pearls)
12. Twilight


13. Glass Slipper
14. Speed dial
15. Headliner
16. Big Yellow Taxi
17. Power Dressing
18. Candyshop (caviar pearls)


19. Cookies and cream
20. Magic carpet
21. Fade to Greige
22. Sundance (caviar pearls)
23. Mojito
24. Enchanted rose

If you would like to see a tutorial on how to use the caviar pearls, swatches, or in depth reviews please leave a comment below and let me know what colour(s) you are interested in. Also, please feel free to like, follow, share, comment (suggestions, questions, feedback etc.), or contact me at

Have a wonderful day!



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