Cupcake Hamburgers and Cookie French Fries

hamburger collagelogo

Yesterday was a nice rainy day, so I got creative  in the kitchen and made cupcakes that look like mini hamburgers and cookies that look like french fries. These cupcakes are easy to make, but involve quite a bit of baking. You need to bake the cupcakes for the buns, brownies for the hamburger patties and cookies for the fries. I used boxed mixes and packaged  frosting, so that helped cut down on my preparation time significantly, but it still took a good three hours to prepare and bake everything. Once all of the baking was done, assembling the mini burgers was fairly simple and only took about 20 minutes. Of course, you can always skip the boxed mixes and bake from scratch if you desire. If you want to speed up the process you can buy 2 bite brownies to use as the hamburger patties and skip the cookie fries, so you would only need to bake the cupcakes and assemble.

There are a lot of steps involved, so I am going to break it down into 4 sections: cookies, brownies, cupcakes and assembly. I didn’t necessarily do everything in this order, I multi-tasked and jumped around a bit, but I’m displaying them this way for simplicity. You can bake in whatever order suits you best, although I recommend saving assembly for last 😉

Disclaimer: These cupcakes are so amazingly delicious that you are going to want to stuff your face with them. I had one for breakfast! Also, anybody and everybody that sees them will want one. 

Some of the ingredients

Some of the ingredients

Cookie French Fries

  • I used Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix 
    -Side note: I was seriously disappointed with this mix. I followed the instructions, but perhaps I make a mistake along the way. I would recommend making the sugar cookies from scratch or trying a different brand mix.
  • Add 1/2 cup of softened butter and 1 egg to the mix and stir until soft dough forms
  • I placed the dough into plastic wrap and put it into the fridge for 1 hour
    -As you can see in the picture below, I split my dough into 3 sections. I only ended up using one of the sections because the dough was a mess to work with. I usually make sugar cookies from scratch, and this mix was not up to snuff.

suagrcookie collage1

  • Roll the dough onto a floured surface about 1/4 of an inch thick
  • Cut the dough into thin strips of varied lengths (fries are never the exact same size!)
    -My dough was very difficult to cut because it was sticky and falling apart. You can see in the picture below that it was falling apart and not co-operating.
  • Spread out the strips of dough onto a cookie tray
  • Bake at 375°F for 6-8 minutes
  • When the cookies come out of the oven cut each of the fry strips in half to make them nice and skinny
  • Sprinkle sugar over the warm cookies (to look like salt) and pat down to make sure it sticks


Brownie Hamburger Patties

  • I used Great Value Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Add 2/3 cup of vegetable oil, 1/4 cup of water and 2 eggs to the mix and stir until the batter is smooth
  • Place the batter into a greased 11×14 pan
    -the box recommends a 9×13 pan, but I wanted to spread out the batter to make the burger patties as thin as possible and also to have more patties. I ended up with 19 brownie hamburger patties (which was perfect because I had 18 cupcakes to decorate)
  • Bake at 350°F for 24-26 minutes


  • Use a round cookie cutter to cut out the “hamburger patties” while the brownies are still warm (I found they crumbled less when they were warm)
  • Place the patties on a plate or cooling rack and let them cool
  • Set aside the left over brownie scraps to snack on later

brownie collage2

Cupcake Hamburger Buns

  • I used Betty Crocker Super Moist French Vanilla mix
  • Add 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil, 3 eggs, a tablespoon of vanilla bean paste and some yellow food colouring and mix together all of the ingredients until the batter is smooth
  • Line cupcake trays with cupcake liners to prevent any discolouration
  • Pour the batter into the cupcake liners and bake at 350°F for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove the cupcakes from the cupcake liners
  • Cut the cupcakes in half horizontally



  • Divide the frosting equally(Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe French Vanilla) into 3 different bowls
  • Add a different colour of food colouring to each of the bowls of frosting: one red, one green and one yellow
  • Place each colour frosting into a separate plastic bag or piping bag and cut off a small tip


  • Place the brownie “hamburger patty” onto the “bottom bun” or bottom half of the cupcake
  • Squirt green frosting onto the brownie
  • Squirt yellow frosting onto the brownie
  • Squirt red frosting onto the brownie
  • Place the “top bun” or upper half of the cupcake on top of the brownie and frosting
  • Brush vanilla extract on top of the “top bun” or upper half of the cupcake
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds onto the “top bun” (the vanilla extract helps them stick)
  • Repeat all of the previous steps until all of your hamburger cupcakes are assembled
  • Store in a plastic container/cupcake carrier/or cover with plastic wrap



  • When you serve the cupcakes, remember to add the french fry cookies as a side

burger and fries

The combination of cupcake and brownie is delicious and 3 colours of frosting is always better than 1! These cupcakes are honestly super delicious, but really filling. I tried to be specific and detailed in my descriptions as well as in my photographs, so hopefully I didn’t lose you somewhere along the way. I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed eating these cupcakes! Please feel free to like, share, leave questions/comments/feedbacks/links to your re-creations in the comments section below.

Have a great day!




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