Popcorn Cupcakes

These super fun cupcakes are easy to make, delicious and are sure to turn heads. I originally made these cupcakes in February for an Oscars party and they were a hit. Even though the Oscars are long gone, I thought I would make these again because they are such a crowd pleaser. They are great for birthdays, or to serve if you have friends or family coming over for movie night, or for no special reason at all. Who needs a special occasion for awesome cupcakes? I don’t!



What you need:

  • Cake mix
    -You can make cupcakes from scratch, but I used Betty Crocker SuperMoist French Vanilla boxed mix. You just need to add eggs, oil and water to go with the mix.
    -Optional: I added vanilla bean paste into the mix to give them extra vanilla flavour and make them super moist.
  • Frosting
    -Again, you can make your own from scratch, but I used Duncan Hines Creamy Vanilla.
    -When I originally made these for the Oscars party I used Pilsbury lemon frosting that I picked up at Walmart on a trip to the US. It was really delicious and brought out the lemon flavour in the marshmallows. I haven’t seen this frosting available in Canada, so I went with vanilla frosting this time.
  • Cupcake liners (optional)
  • White mini marshmallows
  • Optional: Yellow mini marshmallows
    -I used lemon flavoured Campfire Mallow Bursts and cut them in halves.
    -You can also colour some regular white mini marshmallows yellow using food colouring. I suggest brushing a small amount of food colouring over the marshmallows on the cupcakes once they are assembled to avoid dying your hands.

Optional: If you want to add the cute popcorn label to the cupcakes you will need a printer, paper, scissors and tape.



To Begin

  • Bake your cupcakes
  • Let your cupcakes cool
  • Begin to prepare your marshmallow popcorn


  • Making popcorn out of mini marshamallows is simple: all you do is twist the marshmallows
  • I hold one side of the marshmallow between my thumb and index finger on my right hand and hold the other end between my thumb and index finger on my left hand.
  • Turn one hand forward and one hand backward to twist the marshmallow
  • Your popcorn pieces do not have to be perfect because pieces of popcorn are unique looking and come in different shapes
  • If your marshmallows need more shape you can squish some marshmallows or tug on them to make them look a little more like actual popcorn
  • If you are also using yellow marshmallows (to look like buttery pieces!) twist those as well




  • Generously place frosting all over the cupcake (it does not have to be neat because it will be covered up
  • Place a few of the yellow twisted marshmallows on the cupcake (spread them out)
  • Fill in the rest of the cupcake using the twisted white marshmallows
  • If desired Google or search Pinterest for “popcorn cupcake wrapper”. Print some wrappers that you like, cut them out and tape them around your cupcake liner. You could also get creative with construction paper and markers and make your own wrappers.






I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make popcorn cupakes! They look intricate, but are really easy to make.

As always, please feel free to like,  share, comment (suggestions, questions, feedback etc. ), or contact me at sillyrabbitblog@gmail.com

I hope you have a wonderful day!




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