Canon Rebel T3: First Impressions

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday (yikes!) and decided to treat myself to a new camera. I read a lot of reviews and finally decided to buy the Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2MP DSLR Camera with 18-55mmIS Lens Kit.  I was previously using a Sony point and shoot camera, which worked perfectly fine, but I wanted to upgrade to hopefully take better pictures. I used the Canon Rebel T3 to take pictures on my birthday, at the cottage and at the zoo and so far I love this camera. I brought out the old point and shoot camera to take pictures of the new camera for this post and after using the new camera for only a few days I decided that I never want to go back to the old one because the difference in quality was immediately noticeable.

canon rebel


  • The camera is surprisingly light weight consider its size.
  • The camera came with an adjustable neck strap which I enjoyed using.
  • The camera has a lot of nice features.
  • Great camera for people who are new to DSLR cameras. The full auto mode takes great photographs, so you don’t have to be a pro and use all of the fancy manual stuff to take good pictures.
  • Battery lasts a long time (I took over 1200 pictures over 4 days. I kept the camera on for most of my day at the zoo (about 6 hours) and barely used a quarter of the battery.
  • I found that using the lens to zoom in and out was very easy.
  • This camera is very easy to use. I have very limited experience with DSLR cameras and found that using this camera was very simple.  Obviously I still have a lot to learn about the camera and all of its features, but when I first took it out of the box I went to my local park to play around / experiment with it (who needs instruction manuals anyway?) and used the auto mode, landscape mode and close-up mode and took great pictures. I am looking forward to reading the manual and learning more about the camera and all of the features and options available. The more I use the camera the more comfortable I get with it and I learn new things by experimenting and trying out different settings and features.
  • In some reviews I read people were having issues with their picture quality due to using low quality memory cards.  I purchased a class 10 32GB SD memory card by Transcend and have not had any problems at all. My picture quality is excellent and I haven’t had any issues transferring pictures to my computer or printing them at a photo lab.
different settings

Photographs taken with different settings (no editing)


  • The auto focus was giving me some trouble when I was taking pictures at the zoo. It would focus on the bars of the enclosure instead of the animal. To resolve that problem I switched from the auto focus mode to the manual focus mode and was able to take better pictures.



Auto focus mode versus manual focus mode (no editing)

I purchased my camera from Canada Computers for $399.99 plus tax. It was originally $499.99 and had a $100 instant rebate. I believe that the $100 instant rebate is still available until May 31, 2013.

There is an even better deal on the camera available at The camera is $379.99 and has free shipping. The reasons why I didn’t go with the camera from Costco is because it was not available in store (only online) and because they only had the camera available with a silver body. I am impatient and wanted the camera for my birthday weekend and it wouldn’t have arrived in time if I ordered it online (3-5 business days). Also, I much prefer the black body to the silver body.

I did a lot of price comparisons and most other Canadian retailers had the camera advertised for over $400. $449.99 BestBuy and Future Shop, $476.00 Walmart and $499.99 Henry’s.

Photographs taken with the Canon Rebel T3 (no editing)

Photographs taken with the Canon Rebel T3 (no editing)

Overall, I am very pleased with my new camera! The camera is easy to use, light weight and takes excellent photographs. I would definitely recommend this camera to somebody who wants to upgrade from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera.

I hope this review based on my first impressions of the camera was informative and helpful. If anybody is interested, I am willing to write an updated review in a few months. Please feel free to like and share this post as well as use the comments section to ask any questions, leave any feedback, suggestions, camera/photography advice etc. You can also message me at

30 Day Snap Challenge!

My favourite Youtuber/blogger (the inspiration behind starting my very own blog) Sprinkleofglitter posted that she will snap one photograph a day for the month of June and upload it to her blog. I have decided that I am going to participate in the 30 day snap challenge and will upload a new photograph every day in the month of June using my fancy new camera. Keep checking back in June to see what I’m up to and if I learn any new fancy tricks with my camera and improve my photography! I also recommend checking out sprinkleofglitter’s blog because she is lovely!

30 Day Snap 200x200


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