Nail Polish: Nars Orgasm and Nars Arabesque

Right: Nars Orgasm Left: Nars Arabesque

Left: Nars Orgasm
Right: Nars Arabesque

I always admire the beautiful Nars nail polish on display at Sephora, but have never purchased one due to the steep price. I was eyeing the shades Orgasm and Arabesque a few days ago and my wonderful boyfriend bought them for me as a birthday gift. Both colours are a part of the Nars shimmer nail polish collection. Orgasm is described as a peachy pink with shimmer and Arabesque is described as pink glitter in a sheer base.

2 coats of orgasm

I really love the colour of Orgasm.  The golden shimmer in this polish really makes the peach colour stand out and is lovely. The formulation was easy to work with and the colour was opaque after 2 applications. My only complaint is that the large square applicator lid (for lack of a better term) is awkward to hold. I am used to smaller round applicator lids and this one felt slightly uncomfortable. It is something that I will have to get used to.

arabesque collage

Arabesque is a beautiful glittery colour, but isn’t especially unique. The formulation was nice and smooth and it looks great over Orgasm. Again, I have the same issue with the applicator lid being bulky and awkward.

nars nail polish collage

Overall, these nail polishes were very nice, but not really worth the price. The polish lasted 4 days before chipping (I added Essie’s Good To Go top coat) and I received many compliments on the colour combination. The sparkles were a bit difficult to remove with nail polish remover and a cotton pad, but I find that is unfortunately always the case with glittery polish.

I do love Orgasm because it is such an interesting and unique peachy colour,  but Arabesque isn’t anything special. The formulation and chipping time is comparable to Essie nail polish but costs twice the amount. These are a nice splurge for a special occasion, or as a gift, but I probably won’t purchase more unless they release another colour that wows me.

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