Chrysanthemum Cupcakes


This week I made colourful chrysanthemum cupcakes and wanted to share how to decorate these beautiful cupcakes. They are very simple to make, but can be time consuming.


What you need:

  • Cake mix (You can make cupcakes from scratch, but I used Betty Crocker SuperMoist French Vanilla- you just need to add eggs, oil and water to go with the mix. I also added vanilla bean paste into the mix to give it extra vanilla flavour.)
  • Frosting (I used Betty Crocker Creamy Vanilla)
  • Cupcake liners (optional)
  • Mini marhsmallows
  • Colourful sugar (I got blue, yellow, pink and purple from Bulk Barn)
  • Kitchen scissors

To Begin:

  • Bake your cupcakes
  • Let your cupcakes cool
  • Begin to prepare your marshmallow flower petals



  • Cut a mini marshmallow diagonally in half
  • Place the marshmallow halves in the colourful sugar
  • The sugar will only stick to the inside of the marshmallow (the sticky part)
  • Cut a whole bunch of these and place them in the sugar and set aside in  bowls to use later on
  • To create the middle part of the flower: cut the marshmallow in half instead of diagonally and dip the sticky inside part into a contrasting colour of sugar



  • Generously place frosting all over the cupcake (it does not have to be neat because it will be covered up)
  • Place the marshmallow petals in a circle going around the outside of the cupcake until you make a complete circle
  • Place the marshmallow petals in a circle just above the last layer (this is really hard to explain, so hopefully you can see what I mean in the photographs)
  • Make a third inner layer of marshmallow petals
  • Place a different coloured marshmallow in the middle to complete the flower



Get creative and use different colours and patterns! 




These cupcakes are super pretty and are sure to be the focal point of any gathering. They are wonderful for a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or any event in the spring.










I have also made these as “poinsettia” cupcakes using red coloured sugar at Christmas time.


Poinsettia cupcakes
December 2012

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to make colourful chrysanthemum cupakes!

Please feel free to like,  share, comment (suggestions, questions, feedback), or contact me at

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Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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